Boilers and elevators 5 class

WARNING! – JASTEF The company is the exclusive manufacturer of boilers Eco-Wery in Poland!
In brief:
  • SPECIAL OFFER !!! 4 999,00 zł
  • The boiler has a certificate class 5 according to standard EN 303-5: 2012,
  • Fired boiler is an ordinary coal,
  • No electronics, no feeder,
  • Loading Manual “shovel”
  • Long burn time up to 20h
  • Carbon saving up to 50% by patented combustion smoke,
  • No smoke in the chimney – dopalony is due to the high temperature,
  • Very high efficiency boiler even 93%!
  • Temperature control air draft regulator.
  • Grants for boilers 5th grade!
The company produces JASTEF modern boilers and elevators that meet emission standards “Class 5” BS EN 303-5: 2012. These boilers are equipped with a special system of post-combustion smoke, so that the boiler consumes up to 50% less fuel which is confirmed by tests accredited research institutes, the efficiency of the furnace is about 90%, the most important revolution is the lack of harmful smoke from the chimney that contaminates the environment, it is burned in the burner which utilizes the phenomenon of pyrolysis gasification. Aperture burner stops the outflow of smoke generated during combustion of the original. Stacked smoke is oxygenated, and then sucked into the furnace. In the combustion chamber is burned gases from the combustion system involving smoke. Obtained in this way increases the efficiency of high temperature heating, And the harmful flue gases disintegrate and therefore the chimney installation does not require frequent cleaning, so choosing the heating solutions we can not only save on fuel costs and cleaning the installation, but also the reimbursement of the boiler installation costs.